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CDAAC: COSMIC Data Analysis
and Archive Center

Special Announcements:

Dear CDAAC Data Users:

The list of CDAAC data users is now up to date, but it had been left for over a month without routine updates. We apologize for this delay.

New METOP-A and METOP-B mission climate reprocessing.

A new reprocessing of the METOP-A and METOP-B satellites GRAS receiver radio occultation payload has been done at CDAAC. It is available for download on the CDAAC Data Download interface and the FTP batch data download interface (select 'batch data download').

Look under the metopa2016 and metopb2016 missions. New features of this reprocessing include:

  • New excess phase code
  • New inversion software used ('newroam'), resulting in much higher occultation counts
  • Uniform GPS clock corrections
  • First reprocessing of the METOP-B data, 2013-2015

We have switched over to a next generation inversion software called 'newroam' (new Radio Occultation Atmospheric Monitoring) written by Sergey Sokolovskiy, and Zhen Zeng of UCAR. This software has been in development for several years now and is ready for production after a year-long testing process with weather centers including ECMWF, NCEP, and DWD. Many thanks to all who helped in the testing.

COSMIC Occultations - Last 10 Hours - Please reload your browser for latest results
Click and download the COSMIC RO Atmospheric Occultations data in KML format to be displayed in a GIS viewer.