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CDAAC: COSMIC Data Analysis
and Archive Center

Special Announcements:

Dear CDAAC Data User:

The TerraSAR-X (TSX) mission has been brought up to 2015.02 for post-processing. From 2012.001 onwards the results are with the CDAAC4.2 (BERN52 to us) software version. Original 2012 results have been replaced although this is not a climate reprocessing and TSX from 2008-2011 December are processed with the CDAAC software that was in place during those years.

Post-Processing for the METOP-B mission:;sats=1
had been in error for days 2013.183 - 2014.001 and is now fixed. Some METOP-A data had been mixed in with the METOP-B processing.
Thanks to Stig Syndergaard of DMI for noticing this.

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