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CDAAC: COSMIC Data Analysis
and Archive Center

Special Announcements:

Dear COSMIC data user:

The CDAAC team has introduced a new way of fetching data via the web using a REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture.
With this interface you can fetch a daily tarball of data for a specified mission, file type and day.

NOTE: The following wget command has replaced the previous individual file wget for missions: GRACE, Metop-A, Metop-B, Metopa-2011, CHAMP, SACC and CNOFS. (As of January 2014)

    a) Using wget:

  • wget -q --http-user=xxxx --http-passwd=xxxx
    - mission is the CDAAC mission name i.e. cosmic
    - filetype is the file type i.e. wetPrf
    - YYYY.DDD is the day of year i.e: 2012.305

  • wget -q --http-user=xxxx --http-passwd=xxxx -O cosmic_atmPrf_2012.304.tar

  • wget -q --http-user=xxxx --http-passwd=xxxx -O cosmic_wetPrf_2012.301.tar
  • b) Or Using our Web at:
    (Instructions are on the page.)

Please let us know should you experience any errors with either interface, wget or web. The Web API has been proven to work best with Safari and Fire Fox.

The object of this architectural change is the first step in our longer term plan of switching from providing single data files to daily tarballs, helping us to manage our growing data inventory better.

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